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Add two complex numbers


This program calculate the sum of two complex numbers which will be entered by the user and then prints it. User will have to enter the real and imaginary parts of two complex numbers. In our program we will add real parts and imaginary parts of complex numbers and prints the complex number, i is the symbol used for iota. For example if user entered two complex numbers as (1 + 2i) and (4 + 6 i) then output of program will be (5+8i). A structure is used to store complex number.


#include <stdio.h>

struct complex
   int real, img;

int main()
   struct complex a, b, c;

   printf("Enter a and b where a + ib is the first complex number.\n");
   printf("a = ");
   scanf("%d", &a.real);
   printf("b = ");
   scanf("%d", &a.img);
   printf("Enter c and d where c + id is the second complex number.\n");
   printf("c = ");
   scanf("%d", &b.real);
   printf("d = ");
   scanf("%d", &b.img);

   c.real = a.real + b.real;
   c.img = a.img + b.img;

   if ( c.img >= 0 )
      printf("Sum of two complex numbers = %d + %di\n",c.real,c.img);
      printf("Sum of two complex numbers = %d %di\n",c.real,c.img);

   return 0;

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