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Gear Geometry


The essential features of a gear mesh are:
Center distance: The distance between the centers of two pitch circles.
Pitch diameters: The tangent to two basic circles is the line of contact in gear vernacular. Where this line crosses the line of center establishes the pitch. The ratio of pitch diameters gives the velocity ratio.
Pitch: It is a measure of tooth spacing along the pitch circle. There are two basic forms. Circular pitch is the direct measurement of distance of one tooth center to the adjacent tooth center. It is equal to the pitch circle circumference divided by the teeth. Diameter pitch is the measure of the number of teeth per inch of the pitch diameter. Both the pitches are inversely related to each other and permits an easy transformation from one to the other. .
Gear train: When two or more gears are meshing, it is called a gear train.
Gear box: It is an automotive assembly of gears and associated parts by which power is transmitted from the engine to the driving axle.
Shafts: Cylindrical rods made of metal used for power transmission, linear motion and various other purposes in industries.
Sprockets: Teeth like projection arranged on a wheel rim to engage the links of a chain.
Pinions: Small tapered gear that meshes with a larger gear or rack.


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