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Why automation is required in industry.


1. To increase labor productivity: Automating a manufacturing operation usually increases production rate and labor productivity. This means greater output per hour of labor input.

2. To reduce labor cost: Due to ever increasing labor cost, higher investment in automation has become economically justifiable to replace manual operation.

3. To mitigate the effects of labor shortage: There is a general shortage of labor in many advanced nations and this has stimulated automation.

4. To reduce or eliminate routine manual and clerical tasks: Tasks that are routine, boring, fatiguing and possible irksome. Automating such tasks serve a purpose of improving the general level of working condition.

5. To improve worker safety: By automating a given operation and transferring the worker from active participation in the process to a supervisory role.

6. To improve product quality: Automation not only results in higher production rate than manual operations; it also performs the manufacturing process with greater quality.

7. To reduce manufacturing lead time: Automation helps to reduce the elapsed time between customer order and product delivery.

8. To accomplish processes that cannot be done manually: Certain operations cannot be accomplished without the aid of machine automation.


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