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Single acting cylinder


Single acting cylinder:

• In single acting cylinder, the compressed air is fed only in one side Hence this cylinder can produce thrust only in one direction. The piston rod. Is returned by a fitted spring or by external force.

• The spring is designed to return the piston to its initial position with a sufficiently high speed.

• It may be push or pull type


                      Fig. General arrangement of a single acting cylinder.

A single acting cylinder consists the following elements:

(i) Barrel

(ii)Two end caps

(iii) Piston

(iv) Piston rod

(V)‘0’ rings

(vi) Inbuilt spring

(vii)Spring Piston rod bearing.

In this cylinder the air has to first overcome the pressure of the spring and hence some power is lost before the stroke starts.Also accommodating the spring results in longer overall length and limited stroke length.

It has been found that using a bigger single acting cylinder is quite uneconomical so this cylinder should not be used for a stroke length of more than 100mm in general.

Sealing is done by means of a flexible material that may sometimes be embedded in a metal or plastic piston during motion, the sealing edge slides over the cylinder bearing surface and prevents leakage of compressed air

A single acting cylinder has a somewhat lower air consumption compared with the equivalent size of double acting cylinder

These cylinders are used for clamping, marking or ejecting etc.



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