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Bluetooth Definitions


• Piconet: Devices connected in an ad hoc fashion, that is, not requiring predefinition and planning, as with a standard network. Two to eight devices can be networked into a piconet. It is a peer network, that is, once connected, each device has equal access to the others. However, one device is defined as master, and the others as slaves.
• Scatternet: Several piconets may form a larger scatternet, with each piconet maintaining independence.
• Master unit: The master in a piconet whose clock and hopping sequence synchronizes the other devices.
• Slave unit: Devices in a piconet that are not the master.
• MAC address: Three bit address that distinguishes each unit in a piconet.
• Parked units: Piconet devices that are synchronized but don’t have MAC addresses.
• Sniff and hold mode: Power-saving mode of a piconet device.


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